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  1. What resolution did you find the Haydon R78411 was able to achieve? I’ve just acquired one off ebay (yet to arrive).

    • I drive the motors with 1/16 step on one 3D printer that I built and half steps on another. I do not find any particularly impressive differences in print quality, so don’t kill yourself trying to maximize step resolution. For the 1/16 step printer, my steps per mm is about 503.94. That’s about 2 microns per step, which is overkill considering that the nozzle diameter is 400 microns. Once you set up your printer or CNC tool, whatever you intend to use the Haydon motor for, send me a note and I will try to give you some advice. I did a fair bit of research to find the thread pitch and I also did some experiments to verify accuracy.

      Here’s an important point. Make sure to use “M84 S0” to turn off the motor idle. You will not notice this on the X and Y stages, but if your Z stage is holding up your print platform, it will sink when the motors go idle. This was a real problem for me for a long time. I rejected a whole design because I thought the Z motor was not strong enough. The truth is that it was periodically turning off and sinking.

  2. Thanks heaps GP. That’s good to know. The application I’m working on is a DIY Super8/16mm optical film printer. The XY stage is for doing per frame adjustments on the position of the film frame with respect to the print. Will keep you posted.

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