Details for rotating scan platform – person sitting in a chair

I would like to add more details for creating your own rotating scan platform to use with the David scanner. I built a rotating chair for a person to sit in while the David scanner collects 3D scans from multiple angles. A previous post includes details for communicating with the David scanner.

I have updated this description with the following figure.


This describes the wiring of the rotation platform. I am using a solid state relay that switches 100V AC from a wall socket to power a pellet stove auger motor. This geared-down motor has the torque required to rotate a person sitting on the platform. The solid state relay powers the motor by switching mains AC.

The platform used to rotate a person is a more powerful version of the stepper motor based version described here for rotating small objects.

The difference is that rotating a person sitting in a chair requires much more torque. A stepper motor will not provide adequate power to rotate a person sitting on a chair. The software is similar. The key difference is that stepper motor commands are required for the small platform, and simple on-off commands for a solid state relay power the chair platform.

The platform that I built for rotating a chair included a plywood frame, a “Lazy Susan” bearing, and and array of casters to support the rotating platform. Here is a gallery of pictures of the platform that I built.

The solid state relay can be purchased on eBay. A 5V signal from an Arduino turns the relay on and off, switching 110V AC to the pellet stove auger motor.


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