Some 3D printing tricks

Soda bottles can hold acetone. I learned that at the recent Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. I have used a Costco green tea bottle to hold my acetone-ABS slurry for about a week now, and it seems to be holding fine. Here are two pictures.



The slurry is very effective for holding down the base of a print. I have used it to prevent edge curling. Unfortunately, it also makes the print harder to remove from the base.

To remedy that problem, I use a split base plate so that I can bend it to pop off my prints when they complete. I use Kapton tape to cover a precision aluminum sheet for my printing base. I posted that technique in an earlier post.

A new trick that I read about somewhere is to spray Windex on the plates before applying Kapton tape. That allows the tape to be slid around to just the right spot, and easy removal of air bubbles. The bubbles ruin the bottom surface of any print because they are perfectly reproduced on the bottom layer. Let the tape dry out and trim off the edges. Here are pictures of the preparation and use of a Kapton covered, split base plate for 3D printing. I also applied acetone – ABS slurry to the Kapton surface. This can be cleaned off afterwards using more acetone.


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