More acetone vapor polishing

Polished Statue

Polished Statue

I tried vapor polishing ABS once again. I have better results than my first attempt. This time I built an aluminum lid for my vapor chamber that allowed me to bolt the ABS statue down, suspended just above heated acetone liquid. Here are some pictures of the arrangement.

I increased the temperature to 100 C on the PID controller, but the acetone never boiled. I left the statue in the container for more than an hour. You can see that the polishing occurs much faster nearer the acetone. I had to stop when the very top of the statue began to distort.As soon as I decided to stop the process, all I had to do was quickly flip over the lid and let the remaining acetone on the statue evaporate. The ABS takes some time to re harden, and should not be touched during this time. The statue also stuck to the lid and had to be pried off with a chisel. I will probably put in spacing washers next time. I used a 1/4-20 bolt to hold the statue on the aluminum lid.

Here are some pictures of the finished statue.

Some parts of the statue were polished perfectly.


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