3D Printing with support material



You can download the SLT for this object from Thingiverse here. I posted my config.ini file for SLIC3R version 0.9.9 here.

I’m using the latest version of SLIC3R, and experimenting with support material and rafts. There is obviously too much support for this print. I need to adjust the angle of the print that triggers support.

In this gallery you can see the first print that had no support material and was hollow. There are holes near the top of the print where the material was not internally supported. I switched to 25% filled and changed from a layer height of 0.27 mm to 0.2 mm.

The older version of SLIC3R had options for rafts and support material, but they did not actually work. Here is the new print using support material.

I am printing directly from an SD card. The PC is not connected during the print.


This particular SD card interface requires some explanation. I purchased it on eBay for $12.50. It did not plug directly in to the RAMPS board. I told the seller in China that since they advertised it as working with the RAMPS 1.4, which is exactly what I have, they should refund part of my money, which they did. I had to make a custom cable to connect all the right pins. Now it works fine.

Here is a gallery of the finished model before I ripped off the support material.

Here is the support material ripped off of the model. This material came off very easily.

Here is the finished model. This worked really well!

The 25% infill fixed the hole problem as you can see in this gallery.

Comparing the first print using a 0.27 mm layer height and the second with a 0.2 mm height, I do not see much reason to change from 0.27 mm.

I like the random start option in SLIC3R so that there is not a line running up the print. Here you can see the difference.


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