First 3D Print from Kinect Scan

I used an XBOX Kinect to scan Chelsea’s face and head. I then used the scan to create G-code and printed the result. My print is too small to give good detail, but I want to share my initial result.

Here is the 3D scan rendered using Blender.


3 responses to “First 3D Print from Kinect Scan

  1. Thanks Gabe. I have watched that one. I agree that it is pretty good. Next I plan to split the object so that I can print two halves and glue them together. My machine is limited to 70 mm in Z, but X and Y are much larger, so I will print the halves on their side. I mostly fixed my machine problems, but I am still getting some tilt. I need to replace my X motor since it wants 5A, but my controller gives 3.5A max, so I am only getting 70% of rated torque. Since these are such big motors, I am pretty surprised that I can still have any sort of binding. On the Y axis the only thing I have not replaced is the leadscrew. The machine was really working perfectly for a while, so I can’t figure out exactly what has gone wrong. Most recently I found an article that suggests 100% decay setting in Mach 3, 100% current, and half steps. I did all that and the worst behavior stopped. Yesterday I also inherited an actual Makerbot (older model) at work. It is about 10% assembled. There will be a lot of work involved, but that should be good to have in the shop.

    I have a part that I really need right away, so I might send it out to one of those shops that prints professionally as a quick solution while I work out my details. I hate to say that, but I really need to get this job done.

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