Retrofit Modern Video Card in Older PC

I wanted to use Reconstructme to scan with an XBOX Kinect. One of my PCs only used on-board graphics. I purchased a Radeon 6850 (Awesome!) used for $100 with free shipping on eBay, and then had to purchase a 750W ATX power supply ($35, also eBay, brand new!). The Radeon required two power inputs and the internal supply did not even have one of them. I mounted the supply externally, used a hole saw to cut out the side of the case, and plugged in the video card. It works very well! Note that a wire jumper must be applied from “Power Supply On” (active low) to ground in order for the supply to operate using the on/off switch as it will not be plugged in to a motherboard. If you don’t mind the external wires, this is a really easy way to retrofit an older PC. I have not tried any high-end PC games yet, but the processor on this computer is pretty great, and there is plenty of RAM. With this great video card, I am sure I will be able to play some great games as well as performing successful 3D scans.


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