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Digital Image Portfolio

A note of caution: My intention for posting experiments and results from my home efforts is only to share what I have done. I am not recommending that you use lasers, electricity, compressed air, machine tools, or any of the other items I show and talk about without extensive knowledge and experience other than at your own risk. There are definitely hazards involved both to you and any observers who might be involved. Please take high voltage, lasers, mechanical tools, home AC electricity, chemicals, fire hazards, and effluents from cutting and engraving processes VERY SERIOUSLY. Some of this stuff is seriously dangerous. Please, please, please ALWAYS wear safety gear to include safety goggles or laser goggles, gloves, hearing protection, proper ventilation when processes produce effluents, and appropriate protection from electrical shocks.

CNC Milling Machine Projects

3D Printer Projects

Laser Cutter and Engraver Projects

Ham Radio

Nixie Tube Projects

Evil Robot


If you have benefited from reading the details of my projects or if I can answer your questions, I would like to hear from you. I put in pretty significant time to maintain this web site, so if you have found my posts helpful, please also consider donating below. I would be strongly encouraged to put in much more effort if a few people show such interest. Thanks!


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